Editor, author of introduction: Tamás Kaiser, Ph.D.
Heads of the impact areas and workgroups for the 2016 Good State and Governance Report:
1. Security and Trust in Government: prof. Norbert Kis, Ph.D
2. Public Well-being: prof. Gusztáv Báger, Ph.D.
3. Financial Stability and Economic Competitiveness: prof. Magdolna Csath, Ph.D.
4. Sustainability: Mónika Besenyei
5. Democracy: Csaba Cservák, Ph.D.
6. Effective Public Administration: Krisztián Kádár, Dr. jur.
Content Editor: József Káposzta, Ph.D.
Technical Editor: Gábor Bozsó
This publication was compiled in collaboration with experts from the Hungarian Central Statistical Office,
and specialists and staff from the Measurement and Methodology Office of the University of Public Service.
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